Note:  The lampshades and lamps shown here  are not for sale. They are examples only. Everything below refers to these samples and, depending on the success in realization of my ideas, the look, dimensions etc. might change. However, the collection would essentially remain the same. The pricing would be dependent on all those factors. The materials used are costly, and there might occasionally arise a problem with the supply  and choice of required beads. Lamps : table,  pendant, chandeliers, decorative items(for weddings and similar) Dimensions: Table lamps: height : 20cm  diameter :8cm Pendant lamps: lampshade: height 14-24cm   diameter of the base:14-16cm                            lampshade bracket: 24-28 cm Materials: Lampshades:  Czech glass beads and  fused glass The base of the lamp: incomplete circle or similar design, in brass or glass (float, fused) Lighting: from the base (to be decided upon; various designs;can be adapted to requirements Table lamps: a) The bulb fitting is in the shape of a small brass box  with a circular opening for the light. The bulb is protected  with  a small sheet of  frosted  glass. b) The bulb fitting is in the form of a minimalist design plate ,with an opening  for fitting  the bulb Pendants: a) The bulb fitting is in the shape of a small brass box with a circular opening for the light. The bulb is protected with a small sheet of frosted glass. The box can be part of the lamp or can be fixed to the bracket which enables one to change  the direction of the  light. b) Two plates of translucent, fused, frosted or float glass (clamped together with metal fittings) the bulb being fixed between the plates. c) Float and fused glass (designer) in which the bulb is fitted Lighting: Flat LED , as a rule in the base of the lamp, in order to achieve the lighting of the lampshade from below. This produces a “lace” pattern on the ceiling. Maintenance: Use a feather duster or place under the tap with a gentle flow of water.( Depending on the quality of the colour used  for the glass, tepid water and mild soap powder can also be used.)