Narcisa  Poljak  was born in Split ,Croatia in 1960. This small collection is a proof that there are worlds in us which contain all that is the best in life. The ability to produce these fragile but demanding creations is the gift of unbridled inspiration. The future one day becomes the past and the past was at one time the future .These lamps are both of those, distilled into a moment .There is a sort of responsibility and gratitude for the fact that sometimes, in the life full of plans and desires ,we wander off, carefree ,somewhere beyond the world known to us.                   If we shadows have offended,                Think but this, and all is mended,                That you have but slumber'd here                While these visions did appear.                 And this weak and idle theme,                 No more yielding but a dream.   (Puck´s final speech from William Shakespeare's play  A Midsummer Night's Dream)